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In order to visit the HOLY SHRINE of MATA VAISHNO DEVI , one has to reach Katra, a small town situated 50 km. from Jammu. The shrine is located between the three peaked mountain named Trikuta.

The holy cave is made up by natural rock, there are three heads at the top of a base, the base is covered with a Silver sheet , over which lies a sheet of solid gold, these three heads worshipped as Mother Goddess. These are called the holy Pindies, the Pindi to the extreme left is called Pindi of “Mata Maha Saraswati”, the centre one is called “Mata Maha Lakshmi” and the extreme right one is “Mata Maha Kali”.

The cave is at a distance of 13 km from Katra. Yatries will have to collect “Yatra registration slip” or “Purchi” prior to the commencement of their yatra. Usually Pilgrims prefer to walk for 12 -13 km distance to reach the cave. In additions Pony , Porters , Palanquin (Palki) services are available. One must avoid paying anything over and above the fixed rates. For any difficulties one may contact the “Shrin Board Offices”.

The helicopter is available up to “Sanji chhat” for to and fro journey. Online booking is also possible through the website

After darshan of the Mother Goddess, the yatries may darshan the “Bhairon Temple” at an altitude of 6,619 ft. before their return journey.

How to reach : Avail Himgiri Exp. or Jammu-Tawai Exp. from Howrah or Sealdah respectively to reach Jammu, recently train services are also available between Jammu & Katra. All trains from Delhi to Udhampur are passing through Katra Railway Station.

For further information and arrangement please contact CALTOURIST travel agency.


Route Map :


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